Types Of Vacuum Cleaner

There are several types of vacuum cleaners you can go for based on what you need it to do, how big or heavy it is, the features you are looking for and of course how much you have to spend. Here are some of the main types to consider if you are in the market for a new vacuum cleaner.

Different Types of Vacuum

Upright vacuum cleaners

These are best suited if you need a vacuum to be able to take care of heavy-duty cleaning as such they are popular among professional cleaners as well as large home owners. They stand upright, hence the name, and most come with various hoses with attachments to help you clean areas other than the floor, like couches, stairs and so on. These types of vacuums are large and heavy to manoeuvre so if you struggle with weight or you have back problems this is not a good choice for you. As a guide most upright models weigh between 10 to 20 pounds and some are even heavier.

Stick vacuum cleaners

These are upright cleaners too but have been slimmed down so that they weigh under 10 pounds. They do not come with the extra hoses either but you can get some that are 2 in 1 where you can turn it into a small hand held vacuum for areas other than the floor. If you prefer the style of an upright but cannot work with their weight this would make a very good alternative.

Canister vacuum cleaners

Also lighter than upright cleaners meaning because they weigh less they are at lot easier to move around. They come with a hose and canister and tools that can be attached such as crevice, floor and brush tools. You can pretty much clean most of the house with this vacuum, floors, furniture, furnishings and so on.

Cordless vacuum cleaners

As the name says these are machines that are cord free and run on batteries. If you get tripped in the cord all the time, have a smaller area to clean and want to avoid having to swap outlets for each room this may be something to consider. Do check out the charge time length though as that can vary from one brand to another by quite a bit. Some might take as little as 10 minutes but average is a few hours and some take a whole day. Plus run time is a factor to consider too, again the average run time is 15 minutes though some can last as long as 40 minutes. If you vacuum once a day and live in a smaller space that takes fifteen minutes or so to clean try a cordless. You can get several forms for cordless cleaners including robots, sticks and hand held.

Hand held vacuum cleaners

Hand held vacuum cleaners are not good for cleaning large areas but they are great for picking up a messy spot or for dusting furniture and cleaning the couch and chairs. These can also reach well into corners and nooks a larger cleaner might not reach. Designed to be carried by hand so light and easy to manoeuvre. Also handy for cleaning out your car so you do not have to take it in and pay someone else to clean it!

Robotic vacuum cleaners

The latest developed vacuum does not need a human to push it around as it is programmed and then does all the work for you. They do usually cost more and need you to understand how to program them. A big advantage to this cleaner is if you go on holiday or have to work out of town your floors will still be kept clean!

The most valued by users is undoubtedly the suction power of the vacuum cleaner, but you should also look at the filters, size and comfort. We present the different models of the market:

  • Broom vacuum cleaner :   The most important feature is that they can work without cable. It works with battery and is much more comfortable. You should bear in mind that a broom vacuum cleaner with no economic cable has less suction power, but paying a little more today there are vacuum cleaners without very powerful cable. They are very fashionable lately because of the convenience of having no cable and that are much less bulky and heavy. This type of vacuum cleaner also works with cable if you need it.
  • Sledge vacuum cleaner : This vacuum cleaner is the same as always, made up of the vacuum cleaner on wheels and joined to the flexible tube and metal through which it sucks. It has accessories of all kinds to adapt them to each type of floor. They can carry bag or not depending on the type and model.
  • Vacuum cleaner: Totally effective for cleaning carpets, tiles, curtains … It is the best for thorough cleaning and have numerous accessories.
  • Hand-held vacuum cleaner : They can work with or without cable and is ideal for places of difficult access, have a reduced deposit.
  • Central vacuum cleaners : Although the initial investment is important, the truth is that it is the best in terms of vacuum cleaner. It is silent, clean and you simply hook the hose to the outlets throughout the house and the vacuum system does everything else.

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