Dyson DC33 Review

All around the world the Dyson name has become synonymous with superior, modern, efficient vacuum cleaners with state of the art technology and innovation. It is one of the most favored brands in the industry and whatever cleaner a consumer opts for from the Dyson range they feel confident about its top cleaning capabilities. The Dyson DC33 is one such example of this with its rating on Amazon being 4.9 out of 5 stars. While there may not be such a thing as a perfect vacuum Dyson certainly comes close every time and the Dyson DC33 is at the top of its game. Here is a closer look.

Dyson DC33 Review

There are several reasons to be impressed with the DC33 Vacuum cleaner. The Dyson name itself is one of those reasons, these people know what consumers want and have amazing features on their machines. This model is an update of the DC14, it is a full upright vacuum but it is the most basic one they now make. It is a bagless model so there is a dust cup to empty no bags to have to change and remember to buy. It is clear when the canister needs changing as the bin is transparent. Just a quick click over the garbage can and your dust canister is empty and you have not had to play in the dust and dirt.


It is good for cleaning all floor surfaces, carpeting, wood, tiles and so on. For an upright it is quite a manageable weight at just about 17 pounds. You can use it to clean your rooms and your stairs, no need to have separate vacuums for the jobs you have to do. Being lightweight almost anyone can use it, and it is easy to move and carry. There is no doubt too that it is especially effective at cleaning carpets. With just one pass over a carpet everything gets sucked up. From larger debris like cat littler or dry oatmeal to small particles and fine dust like flour. It is also very good at reaching into corners some cleaners cannot get into so there is less need to play around with tools or accessories.

A lot of uprights are capable of cleaning in the open areas that are easy to pass over but then struggle with corners, hard to reach areas and stairs. But the Dyson DC33 has a telescope wand that is over 14 feet long so you can easily reach these places. All those nooks and crannies that you have had to do by hand separately can now be done at the same time you vacuum your floors without lots of bending over and possible back pain. Even homes with vaulted ceilings should be able to use the wand to reach up to those before out of reach cobwebs.

Also while this may be a basic model the Dyson DC33 does still come with some accessories to help with the cleaning. They attach to the machine and are easy to take off, use and then click back on again. There is an upholstery/crevice tool and a stair tool. They attach to the hose on the back of the cleaner so you can easily do the job when you come to it rater than having to store them separately and having to dig them out when it is time to vacuum the stairs or clean the furniture.

This cleaner comes with Dyson’s Root Cyclone technology which promises consumers powerful suction at all times while you are cleaning. The Dyson DC33 Bagless Upright has much higher suction power than most standard uprights. In tests it can pick up over 100 inches of water compared to the more typical power of most cleaners that can do a water lift of 50 to 70 inches. Having good suction power is important especially if you have carpeting that in places is mid to deep pile. However long it is on for, however full that dust container is, you still get that powerful suction.

The Dyson DC33 Vacuum also comes with the best filtration system possible in vacuum cleaners today, HEPA filters. These are the filters you want in your vacuum cleaner especially if you or anyone else in the home has allergies. This system is able to pick up even the tiniest particles and specks, as small as 0.3 microns. It also makes sure no dust or pollens escapes out of the cleaner once they have been pulled in. Allergy sufferers, asthmatics and such will find the home a lot easier to breathe in and live in. The Allergy & Asthma Foundation of America has given its approval to this vacuum cleaner, and not all machines claiming to be good for allergies get that from the AAFA. Those filters have to be cleaned every 3 months which is very easy to do. Just rinse them with water and then let them dry properly before putting them back in and using the vacuum cleaner again.


The Dyson DC33 Vacuum Cleaner is not one of its fanciest models with lots of bells and whistles. It is a simple cleaner that is effective at cleaning all floor types. It does not have ball technology that makes it easy to swivel and navigate but it does have that great power suction Dyson are good at. While it is not specifically designed for pet hair like other models it still does a good job with it. It is probably best suited to larger homes with rooms that are more open plan. While its may not itself be able to fit into hard to reach places, it has a couple of tools and a wand that helps reach them. The filter is a lifetime one and there is no need to buy replacement bags. It is easy to use, not too heavy and certainly worth investing into if you want a brand and a cleaner you can rely on. 

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