Best Water Vacuum Cleaners Reviews

A vacuum cleaner is a major household item. Nearly anybody who owns or rents a house, apartment, or office probably possesses a vacuum cleaner.

What, then, is a water vacuum cleaner?

A water vacuum cleaner is a fancy name for a vacuum or shop vac that can clean wet, moist, or damp waste just as easily as it can clean dry waste. This is also called a wet/dry vacuum.

Are wet/dry vacuums more efficient than standard vacuums? They can be, since they can pick up both dry and wet waste. But they do not have the innate carpet cleaning capabilities that most standard vacuums possess nowadays.

This makes the ideal floor surface for a water vacuum cleaner a surface that is made of anything but carpet. While it is possible to use a water vacuum cleaner on a carpet surface, it would probably be a better idea to save your carpet surface for a standard vacuum cleaner.

When it comes to other floor surfaces, however, water vacuums can prove effective.

Water vacuum cleaners: A buying guide

Just like rooms in your home or office come in many shapes and sizes, so too do wet/dry vacuums.

Because of this, there isn’t really a “one size fits all water vacuum cleaner that you can use for all purposes.

While there do exist some water vacuum cleaners that are, in fact, designed for all purposes, it is much more common for them to have specific purposes.

Here are some things to think about before buying a water vacuum cleaner.

The first thing you should probably consider is, of course, how big your room is. These vacuums come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and while it may seem obvious, matching up the size of your vacuum to a room is often overlooked.

This leads to the next thing, which is the size of the water vacuum itself. Some vacuums are massive and are designed for whole homes and offices. Some of them are a little smaller and are designed for optimum cleaning for separate rooms.

There also exist vacuums that are incredibly small and are the most effective when cleaning. Most of these are cordless, which can be very convenient at times. Most cordless water vacuums are much smaller than ones that need to be plugged in, as they are designed to be carried around.

Keep these things in mind when exploring this list of water vacuum cleaners.

Top Water Vacuum Cleaners

2.5 gallon, 2 peak HP, utility wet/dry vacuum by Armor All

Anybody who wants a wet/dry vacuum that is ideal for both a small room as well as on the run will get a lot out of Armor All’s water vacuum cleaner. Although it is cordless, that does not mean it can’t perform well.

Containing a 2.5 gallon tank, it is possible to use Armor All’s wet/dry vacuum for virtually any room in the house as the capacity allows for a surprisingly large amount of cleaning. Combine that with the fact that it can pick up wet and dry debris and you have the closest thing to an all purpose water vacuum cleaner.

The cordless feature of Armor All’s water vacuum cleaner is nice, but it is less than suitable to take on long trips if you intend to use it during said trip. Why is this? It is impossible to charge Armor All’s wet/dry vacuum cleaner in your automobile. If you plan to use this water vacuum for a long term trip, you’ll need to charge it completely before going or find places to charge it.

12 gallon 5 peak HP, wet/dry vacuum with detachable blower by Vacmaster

If you are interested in a water vacuum cleaner that can replace the old shop vac that you possess, consider Vacmaster’s wet/dry vacuum. It has all the features of any given shop vac: It holds up to 12 gallons, operates at up to 5 horsepower, and contains all the attachments that you would see in any other shop vac.

Another thing that Vacmaster’s wet/dry vacuum has is a detachable blower. This is really useful if you are using this water vacuum outside or in a really big space. It is also something that is not typically seen in a common shop vac, so it is a welcome addition. The speed of this blower is impressive, being around 250 miles per hour.

It is easy to transport Vacmaster’s water vacuum as well, as it comes with wheels. This makes it easy to transport to wherever you need to, as you can just roll it out to wherever you need.

Despite the fact that it can do everything that a common shop vac can do except it can also pick up wet and damp materials as well as dry materials, there is nothing very special about Vacmaster’s water vacuum cleaner.

The only thing that really stands out with it is the detachable blower, and even that is included in most shop vacs nowadays. Vacmaster’s water vacuum can replace a shop vac, but that is about it. Do not expect anything different.

6 gallon, 4 horsepower wet/dry vacuum by Stanley

Sometimes you do not have a need for a massive wet/dry shop vac that weighs a lot and takes up a lot of space. The smaller wet/dry shop vacs can also be problematic, as it can be a chore emptying it out constantly.

In a lot of cases, you would probably benefit the most from a medium sized water vacuum cleaner, and that’s where Stanley’s wet/dry vacuum comes in. Having a 6 gallon capacity, it is not as massive as the bigger 12 gallon vacuums, but you will be able to use it for a long time and not need to keep emptying it like you would need to with the small 2 gallon vacuums.

Stanley’s wet/dry vacuum contains everything that a standard shop vac does: Dozens of attachments that make cleaning jobs easy, nozzles, wands, and others. Another nice thing about Stanley’s vacuum is that it comes with replacements for these attachments, and they are easy to connect.

It is very unfortunate that Stanley’s water vacuum isn’t cordless, because its size allows it to be cordless. While it is easy to carry around because of the swivel casters and the handle, you’ll still need to physically carry it from location to location and this can get inconvenient.

5 gallon, 4.5 peak HP stainless steel wet/dry vacuum by Shop-Vac

A lot of wet/dry vacuums and standard shop vacs are made of reinforced plastic. While this seems like a negligible fact, it can be troublesome in some environments.

Something about Shop-Vac’s water vacuum that stands out is that it is made of stainless steel. This makes it much more durable than most other standard shop vacs as well as wet/dry shop vacs. If you are planning to use a water vacuum constantly, you should consider Shop-Vac’s water vacuum.

Even though it is smaller than most of its larger counterparts, Shop-Vac’s water vacuum is still just as powerful as the larger 12 gallon capacity wet/dry vacuums, operating at a max of 4.5 horsepower. Combine this with the stainless steel frame and its compact size and you have a water vacuum that you can take wherever you need.

One thing that would have made Shop-Vac’s water vacuum perfect is cordless capability. Even though it is smaller in size, you will still need to plug it in for power. While this is common among any wet/dry shop vac, the fact that similar sized ones are cordless takes away from the total value of Shop-Vac’s water vacuum.


Knowing what wet/dry shop vac or water vacuum cleaner to get may seem like a minor or negligible decision to make, but seeing that these kinds of appliances are designed to be kept for the long term, you need to be at least somewhat informed before deciding on one.

Never forget that water vacuum cleaners come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and with their own particular features and specializations. Although the purpose of a water vacuum is to clean floors, how they do this is important, and that is why you need to pay attention to what any given water vacuum cleaner has.

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