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For some people there are strict rules, strongly enforced when it comes to eating in their car, who can do it and what can be eaten because they do not want a mess in it. Some people treasure their cars, see them as a thing of beauty and spend a lot of time each day making sure that buff is just right, that there are no smudges and that there is no debris. However we cannot control everything no matter how hard we try, dirt, debris and crumbs are bound to fall off our feet and clothing as we get in and out of cars so now and then the floors will need to be done, no matter how strict with eating you were.

When that happens there are really two options, take it to a professional car cleaner for a proper detailing or a more affordable option is to find a decent car vacuum cleaner you can use yourself. You can still have the professional cleans, but stretch them further apart and keep the car neat and clean as needed.

There are all kinds of reasons finding and buying a top car vacuum cleaner is a good idea. Life can be messy and it can get your car messy too! Between the kids, the pets, friends, sporting equipment, road trips and your day to day use, your car sees a lot. While it is true you could try to deal with the mess with a regular vacuum or at a car wash, having a vacuum that has been designed for car use specifically has several advantages. It can be kept in the car so it is there when you want to use it, but keep in mind while some plug in to the car itself others may need an actual outlet. If you have the latter you can use it in the garage or at a campsite for example.

Cars are not as simple to clean as your floors, there is bumps to get over, places to get under and crevices to reach into. Having a car vacuum cleaner means it has been designed to handle the tight spaces and to be able to reach that pet hair and food debris in even the deepest nook and cranny. It should also come with extras needed for car cleaning such as hoses, crevice tools and long cords. This article will focus on these cleaners rather than general purpose or handheld cleaners.

What to think about when looking at top car vacuum cleaners

Since there are a great deal of options on the market to suit anybody’s taste, needs and wallet it can be hard choosing the best model for you. If you keep these in mind you should end up with a top car vacuum cleaner that can handle the kind of messes you make, is easy to use, powerful and energy efficient. So here are some things to think about as you are shopping.

  • Battery powered – while that does mean you have to remember to recharge being battery powered means less wires to move around and no need to strategically plan what areas you can reach.
  • Strong suction – to have an effective cleaning machine it needs to have great suction and to perform well.
  • Good design – You should get one that is lightweight, this is a cleaner you are going to need to be able to hold for a while and maneuver. Avoid anything over 2kg.
  • Type of mess – what is it you need to clean up the most? Get a cleaner best suited for your messes!
  • Get the right tools – get the cleaner that comes with the tools you will use, no point in having accessories you will never use.
  • Energy efficient – Look for machines that are marked as energy efficient with energy star qualification.
  • Warranty – You should get one that has at least a years warranty but there are some makers that will offer two or even three.
  • Customer support – Use a company known for good customer care just in case you ever need it.

Top 10 Car Vacuum Cleaners 2019

Here is a look at 10 of the best car vacuums that are on the market.

1) Armor All AA255

The Armor All AA255 Utility Wet/Dry Vacuum has top cleaning performance and is great for those drink spills as well as on dry dirt and debris. It is though the most expensive car vacuum cleaner on our list. Its power comes from its 9amp motor with a peak horsepower of 2.0. It is a great device with a lot of functions that make it multipurpose like being able to blow air to clean out things like grills and dry things. That power thankfully is not noisy as it comes with a noise diffuser to make sure it is quiet. It is easy to maintain and easy to use. Positive features include;

  • Very easy to use, very user friendly
  • 6 foot flexible hose that is easy to manipulate in the car so you can reach everywhere
  • 2.5 gallon tank gives you a lot of space to store wet and dry messes and it has a shut off automatic feature so it stops when the tank is full
  • Filtration system that can be cleaned easily making it reusable

2) Miele Complete

The Miele Complete C3 PowerLine is definitely one of the top car vacuum cleaner on the market. It is not cordless unfortunately so not as maneuverable but it makes up for that in how it performs. It of course means it is a great option if you actually do want a corded model rather than cordless. As well as having a lot of useful features it is priced a lot more reasonably too. Positive features include;

  • 1200W motor means it is very powerful and cleans effectively
  • Cleaning radios of 11 meters which should be plenty depending on how far from the house or garage the car is
    4.5 liter capacity makes it the biggest and great for larger vehicles or ones that are especially and more frequently needing a clean
  • An 11 layer filtration system
  • Height is adjustable
  • Floorhead is wide to give a large cleaning path
  • On board tools include dusting brush, crevice nozzle and upholstery nozzle so you can get to in between seats, under them, around the gear stick and so on
  • Cable rewind is easy and quick with the fast rewind button

3) Shark Cordless

The Shark Cordless Vacuum 12 Volt has a sleek design and as the name reveals is shaped like a shark! It is comfortable to use, compact and is perfect not just for cars but for boats, trailers, and anywhere else that might need a portable cordless cleaner cleanup. Positive features include;

  • Dust cup allows for easy collection and is easy to empty too
  • Twister cyclonic technology means the dust and particles are not able to collect on the filter so the filter lasts longer in between cleans
  • Cordless so very portable
  • Long runtime thanks to its Ni-MH 12 volt battery which means less recharges and more cleaning time

4) Bissell Cleanview Deluxe

The Bissell Cleanview Deluxe Corded 47R51 is a compact and well designed car vacuum cleaner with suction power that will impress. It is also lightweight and cleans efficiently whatever you need it to pick up. It is a corded cleaner so no charging issues but there is a cord to deal with. Thankfully the cord is plenty long enough you should not have issues with stretching to reach places. Positive features include;

  • Bagless so it has a dust cup you can see when it is full and you can empty it when needed
  • Good filtration for allergy sufferers
  • Comes with useful tools such as a hose, and crevice tool
  • Good suction power

5) Black & Decker Cyclonic-Action

The Black & Decker Cyclonic-Action 12-Volt Pivoting-Nose Automotive Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is a great option for reaching into hard corners and you can turn it in any direction. It is not cordless but the cord is 16 feet long so should be plenty long enough. Its ease of use is why it is one of the best selling cleaners on the market. Positive features include;

  • Cyclonic cleaning action that means dirt does not settle and clog on the filter
  • Constant suction power
  • Able to collect minute dust particles as well as tougher things like pet hair
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Comes with useful attachments that are easy to change and use

6) Black & Decker CHV1410L

The Black & Decker CHV1410L 16V Cordless Lithium Hand Vac is a top performing cleaner that comes with cyclonic action and one of the best suction you can find in any top car vacuum cleaner. It is an effective cleaner that works with any debris and can handle any mess you throw in your car. Positive features include;

  • 4 amp high performance motor powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Smart charge technology on the battery charger to increase the speed and efficiency when it is charging, it also automatically stops the charging process when the battery is full
  • Bagless and comes with a see through dirt cup so you know when it is full and needs emptying
  • Cordless so no cord to move around
  • Lightweight at 3.8 pounds it is easy to handle and maneuver

7) Eureka EasyClean 71B

The Eureka EasyClean 71B Corded Hand-Held Vacuum is effective and easily handle car cleaning duty. It is easy to use and while not as light as other options at 5 pounds it is still easy to handle and move around. Positive features include;

  • 5.5 amp motor
  • Great length in its power cord at 20 feet, there should not be any maneuverability issues or restrictions
  • Compact measuring 15 inches long and 8 inches tall
  • Transparent dirt cup so easy to judge how much room is left in there and when to empty it
  • User-friendly controls with easy to use fingertip settings

8) Black & Decker BDH2000PL

The Black & Decker BDH2000PL MAX Lithium Pivot Vacuum has great suction power and the same great cyclonic technology also in the CHV1410L model. This other option from the well known and trusted manufacturer Black and Decker has a wide nozzle meaning it can pick up more dirt and makes the chore a lot quicker. Compared to the other model this one also has a dirt cup that has 42 per cent more capacity so needs emptying less often! Other positive features include;

  • Pivoting nozzle that means all areas are easy to reach even in the most awkward of places
  • Impressive power from the 20 volt lithium ion battery that has been improved for this model and has a great feature promising no fade of power. This is a big deal as unlike most batteries there is no gradual decrease of its discharge time
  • A filtration system that has three stages to ensure the cleaned up debris stays cleaned up and even small pollens and other allergens stay collected
  • Dirt cup that is larger, easy to empty and transparent so you know when it is full

9) Bissell Corded Pet Hair Handheld

The Bissell Corded Pet Hair Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is a cute and compact cleaner that not only performs well but looks good too, and who doesn’t want to look good when cleaning your vehicle! It is just 10 inches by 5 by 8 inches (and that includes its dirt cup too) so is easy to hold, use, carry and maneuver. You do need to empty it more as a result but since its cuteness sort of makes up for that! Positive features include;

  • Easy at your fingertip on/off switch
  • Firm hold that allows for longer use and still being comfortable doing so
  • Cord wraps around the cleaner
  • Interchangeable dual nozzle one that is hard for regular cleaning, and a flexible soft rubber one for hard to reach corners and contours

10) Dirt Devil SD20005RED

The Dirt Devil Scorpion Quick Flip SD20005RED is a popular car vacuum option because it is affordable, there is no loss of power according to consumers happy with their purchase and it is easy to use. With its strong suction this little cleaner can pick up any debris left in your car, even all that sand you brought back from the latest vacation! It is corded but that cord is long enough so should not prevent you from reaching everywhere that you need to. It is also louder than some other options which may put some people off, but does not impact on its functionality. Other positive features include;

  • Comes with a crevice tool to help reach into the nooks and crannies so you are able to give it proper deep clean, not leaving behind dust that other standard cleaners can.
  • Other attachments to meet other needs also come with it
  • No bag to change, a dust cup that needs emptying when it is full so no need to buy replacement bags
  • Long power cord
  • Easy to maintain and use

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