This product shows that the designers at Shark are really thinking about what consumers want from their cleaning products. One of the big things about cleaning your house is the change from carpeted flooring to hard flooring. Yes some vacuum cleaners work on both types, but you still have to get your mop and bucket out at some point to give your kitchen and bathroom floors a good clean – or do you? With the Shark Vac Then Steam® Mop maybe that problem is a thing of the past. The idea being you can vacuum your floors and then mop them without having to put away and get out another piece of cleaning equipment.

Shark Vac Then Steam Mop Vacuum Cleaner Review

There are obvious benefits to having a vacuum and steam mop all in one item apart from just saving you the effort of swapping gear. This means you spend less time over all having to clean, and it means you are taking up less storage room as you now only have to store one thing not two. It is simple to use as well and ensures your house is clean and sanitized making it a healthier place to live. And do not forget if there is only the need for one item, this means you are saving money on having to purchase a second. You can alse learn more about Shark vacuum cleaners with this Shark vacuum reviews site.

Here is a closer look at what the Shark Vac Then Steam® mop has to offer;

shark-vac-then-steam-mop-mv2011.    It is lightweight to lift and maneuver around the house at just 9 and a half pounds so anyone can handle it. This means it is easy to get out, use and put away when you are just doing an emergency clean up after the cereals your kid spilled for example!
2.    The steam cleaning path and vacuum path is 11.5 inches wide.
3.    It comes with a warranty of one year.
4.    The cord is 25 inches in length.
5.    The dust cup is removable and easy to empty.
6.    When steam cleaning you get 20 minutes of cleaning time.
7.    Powerful vacuum suction that gets 99.9% of dust and debris.
8.    Uses just one cleaning solution to steam and mop your floors with.
9.    Easy and quick to switch from vacuuming to steam cleaning.
10.    Particles will be removed before the steaming and sanitation of the floor.
11.    Comes with four replacement pads.
12.    The temperature of the steam reaches 212 degrees.
13.    Bagless so no need to buy replacement bags when they get full.
14.    The dust cup is see through so you can see when it gets full and know when it needs emptying.
15.    The small micro fiber mats that are in the unit can be removed very easily and washed in your washing machine.
16.    After you use the steam mop option the floor is left clean and dry.
17.    Vacuum effectively picks up various debris including pet air and cat litter if you are a pet owner.
18.    Comes with rubber wheels that are gentle on your hardwood flooring.
19.    Affordable at a very reasonable price of around $150.
20.    Easy to fill water tank.

Consumers who have written reviews for this model have mostly positive things to say about it. There are some issues some have noted but on the whole they feel for the money you are paying for a two in one machine you cannot get much better than this!

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