When it comes to discussing Shark Rotator Professional Lift Away vacuum cleaner review, there are plenty of vital aspects that need to be taken into consideration. This unbiased and thorough review will provide you with sufficient information that you need to know to be able to make an informed decision. Let’s first take a look at the features of this vacuum cleaner and discuss their applications.

Features of The Shark Rotator Professional Lift Away Vacuum Cleaner

shark-rotator-professional-lift-awayOne of the most essential features of this vacuum cleaner is its lift away ability that truly sets it apart from its competitors. This feature enables the users to quickly and easily separate vacuum motor and dirt reservoir to use it as a portable vacuum cleaner, which is perfect for cleaning stairs, and other places that are hard to access. Or, you can just put the pod on the roller caddy and use it as a good canister vacuum. The Quick-Release Wand, along with the Bare Floor attachment works perfectly on bare floors. Although there are many other brands available that come with this feature, Shark Rotator Professional Lift Away vacuum cleaner is one of the best cleaners available in the market today.

If your vacuum cleaner is unable to lift dirt and debris from your carpet due to inadequate suction power, then it is of no use really. It is very important for a vacuum cleaner to have sufficient suction power to be able to remove all sorts of dust and dirt particles off the carpet. This is where Shark Rotator Professional Lift Away vacuum cleaner comes handy, as it has amazing suction power, thanks to its 1200 watt high output motor. However, you need not to get too hung up on motor amps, as it is not the only determiner of vacuum power.

Another feature that has really impressed the consumers is its ultra-quiet operation. The low decibel power of this vacuum cleaner can often deceive you when making a guess about the power of this vacuum. It seems as if you are not really vacuuming the carpet, but just checking out all the dirt in the Dustcup.

Shark Rotator Professional Lift Away vacuum cleaner has extremely large capacity Dustcup. With this vacuum cleaner, you won’t have to stop several times to empty the Dustcup, as it has great capacity. The capacity of this device is sufficiently enough to allow you to vacuum an average size house with an average size family and average size pet before feeling the need to dump it.

No loss of suction is another great feature that this vacuum cleaner has to offer. While there are many manufacturers in the market that make this claim, the Shark Rotator Professional Lift Away vacuum cleaner actually lives up to its claim with distinction. The cyclonic system does an excellent job of separating the dust and dirt particles from the air, thereby preventing the filters from getting clogged prematurely. Obviously, you will still be required to clean the filters on consistent basis as per the owner’s guide for maximum efficiency.

Rotator screening is yet another awesome feature that this device is equipped with. This function is fairly similar to the Dyson’s ball technology, but is lighter and relatively less complex, thereby providing you with enhanced maneuverability. Not only does it feel more agile and active in your hands, but it also lets you vacuum under low clearance obstacles where other cleaners simply can’t reach.

Its high quality filtration system is another feature that makes this device to stand out from the rest. If you are prone to allergy problems, then you need a well-engineered filtration system. The filtration system of this vacuum cleaner is one of the best available for trapping dust mite feces and other particles that cause allergy.

Euro-pro has made use of an advanced technology to design gasketing system to create a sealed filter compartment that can keep even the finest particles from escaping into the air you breathe. The Shark Rotator Professional Lift Away vacuum cleaner contains three washable filters including a pre-motor felt filter and pre-motor foam filter. These filters need to be washed every 3 months as per the Owner’s Guide. Moreover, it contains HEPA filter that is able to trap nearly 99.3% of particulates. If you are suffering from allergy problems, then you must consider getting this type of vacuum cleaner. As per the independent testing results, there is even less finite particulate leakage in this system than that of the Dyson’s.

Brushroll Shutoff is another feature that makes this vacuum cleaner an excellent choice, especially if you have hard floors that you need to vacuum. It also becomes useful when you need to vacuum that light area rug that can just get entangled in the brushroll when it is spinning.

The Shark Rotator Professional Lift Away vacuum cleaner offers ergonomic grip on the stretch hose. The fact that it fits in your hand naturally relieves you from having to hyperpronate your wrist. It makes this device a real pleasure to operate.

With that being said, let’s take a brief look at some of the most important pros and cons of this vacuum cleaner:



  • The 3 in 1 Life Away feature is one of the most productive innovations that have been introduced in such devices for a long time. This feature makes the Shark Rotator Professional Lift Away one of the most versatile vacuum cleaners around today.
  • Ergonomically designed handle offers great convenience while vacuuming.
  • The Ultra-quiet operation is a feature that can only be appreciated by you if you use it in your own home.
  • The 5 year product warranty shows that the manufacturer has a lot of confidence in the product.



  • There are a few complaints about this vacuum cleaner that it topples over easily when using flex hose and the attachments. However, this is a common issue with most other vacuum cleaners that come with a deployable flex hose. The solution to this problem is to ensure that vacuum cleaner is facing you while using the hose.
  • It does not have an Auto Cord Rewind feature, which can be a great time-saving tool.
  • With that all being said, there remains little doubt in saying that the Shark Rotator Professional Lift Away vacuum cleaner is an excellent solution for all types of vacuum cleaning needs.