If you have a house and carpets that see a lot of heavy traffic and are constantly needing cleaning you may want to consider getting the Shark Navigator Lift Away Professional vacuum cleaner. Other vacuum cleaners can have difficulties dealing with high volumes of dirt and debris, they may lose suction power and leave dirt behind and the constant need to empty bags or manoeuvre heavy vacuums to empty difficult canisters gets old very quickly. The Navigator Lift Away Professional has solved all of those issues and more so take a look at what you get.

The Shark Reviewed

shark-navigatorIf you choose to use this Shark model you will no longer be faced with the usual issues you get with other vacuums like heavy to move, blocked hoses, reduced suction power, messy bags and so on. It is a bagless upright vacuum cleaner that uses a 10 amp rating, has a detachable canister that is easy to empty, and uses professional suction strength cleaning that is far superior to competing upright vacuums. When you remove the canister to empty and clean it you can then reach other harder to get to areas that may need cleaning like underneath tables. The canister itself is transparent so you can see when it needs changing or cleaning and it can handle up to 0.55 gallons of debris.

Compared to other upright cleaners the Shark Professional Navigator lift-Away is actually quite light weighing just 23 pounds. For most people it is easy to carry it around the house to where you need to use it including going up and down stairs. You get suction that is continuous and airflow that does not get interrupted by clogged filters because the fine dirt is trapped and separated from the air by the Machine’s cyclone technology. You also get a variety of tools and other features that help with all your cleaning needs. Here is a break down of the Pros and Cons to owning this vacuum cleaner.



  • Costs less than several other well known brands of cleaners.
  • Excellent suction power.
  • Works on both bare (hardwood, tiles and so on) and carpeted flooring.
  • Operates as effectively as a professional vacuum cleaner used in industrial cleaning.
  • Has an equivalent system to HEPA, an anti-allergen system that ensures nearly all dust and other allergens are collected and prevented from re-entering the room. A must for any house with people who have allergies or breathing problems.
  • Effective on various styles and lengths of carpeting.
  • Bagless and easy to empty the canister.
  • Light and easy to move.
  • Good for picking up pet hair.



  • Upper weight is heavy so this can affect its balance when it is not in use.
  • Thick carpeting takes a bit longer to clean because the bottom tool floor brush is narrow.
  • Hose attachment is not as long as it could be to reach high up places.
  • You get no stair attachment so you can either use the whole cleaner to do stairs or buy a smaller separate unit.

Advice and tips if you buy this cleaner

If you are interested in the Shark Navigator Lift Away Professional vacuum cleaner have a look to see if there is a Shark service authorized center within a reasonable distance from you. While the cleaner is certainly built to last sometimes things can go wrong, and should you require some repairs or parts to be replaced having a place nearby would be useful. It is also a good idea to try and buy replacement parts from Shark to ensure they fit correctly.

When the vacuum is delivered to you it should come with a utility bag and attachments. Should any of those tools need replacing they can be bought online from Shark or from a local store. Make sure you check the box and that everything has arrived and nothing has been damaged during delivery or packing. One useful tip is that while you do get a utility bag with the machine, a second is very useful if you want to sort the tools according to cleaning job. That way when you are doing a certain area of cleaning you do not have to carry all the tools with you while you move around.

Also in the box should be a manual that you really should have a look through. However here is an outline of some of the main user guidelines the manual gives:

  • When you use the power switch you have a choice of I which is for cleaning bare floors like hardwood, or II which is for above floor cleaning. O will turn the machine off and you can also disengage the brush if you want to.
  • When cleaning thin carpeting or bare floors have the bare floor function turned on and also uses this for when you are using an attachment hose.
  • Deep thick carpets that need regular cleaning and get the most traffic need to be cleaned with the brush tool. It is also effective for pet hair.
  • There is a suction release feature to allow the user to control the suction you want to use depending on the cleaning task you want to complete. There is a collar around the handle that can be turned in an anticlockwise direction. When you turn it clockwise again you are setting it back to suction power at maximum, its original position.
  • If you wish to use the Dust Away feature when cleaning your hardwood flooring you need to go into portable mode. Just take the microfiber pad and put it on the end of the wand and then remove the bag from the main machine.
  • To keep everything running smoothly cleans the dust cup each time you vacuum.
  • To empty the dust cup remove it from the motor housing, hold it over a bin, press the button to open the bottom door and the collected debris will fall into the bin. Use a soft cloth to wipe clean then reattach.

On Amazon the Shark Navigator Lift Away Professional vacuum cleaner gets an average of 4.5 stars out of 5 rating from existing customers. All are positive about its power, its cleaning ability and how satisfied they were. Described in one review as ‘the Cadillac of vacuum cleaners’ it is definitely worth purchasing this machine.

List Price: $449

Amazon price: $172.95

Learn more at Amazon.

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