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Sometimes a large vacuum cleaner is not the best cleaning tool for smaller jobs. It is perhaps a pain to get out of where you store it, then you have to pull its weight to the job, use an attachment, then lug it back to storage again. All for a small spill of cereal! That is when it is time to get a handheld vacuum cleaner. No hassle to get out and put away, light to use, quick and easy solution for small jobs that often come up. Below is our handheld vacuum reviews to help you decide which is best hand held vacuum for you.


Things to look for in a handheld vacuum cleaner

When you start to look you will soon discover that a lot of hand held vacs are cordless nowadays. While you can still get one with a cord, these are mostly not as popular as the cordless options. Cordless allows you a lot more freedom and makes quick clean ups even quicker since you do not need to plug in a power source. You put up a wall mount where you want to store it usually, and while it is mounted it is also charging. Batteries do run down though so if you prefer not to have one run by battery because you plan on using it for more than just odd small jobs have a look around.

An issue some hand held vacs have is power. Most handhelds come with a bag or small cup where the dirt collects, and then when it is full you open it tip the contents into a bin. It is important with handhelds to empty them when they start to get full as they do lose a lot of power and suction when they are full. Some have more power than others and that is something you need to decide on what kind of power level you need. If you are just picking up easy, small and lighter debris moderate power is sufficient. If you need it to be stronger than that then you want something more powerful.

As well as power other things you might want to think about is extras or attachments. If you do not need attachments for the handheld as you would use your main vacuum for such jobs that is fine. But this is something that may help you narrow down the kind of handheld best suited for your needs.

Another thing worth mentioning is the filter. The best filter you can get is HEPA, but most vacuum cleaners that have HEPA filters are a little pricier too. That filter is the best one if you have anyone in the house with allergies and you want to reduce the amount of dust or particles that escape the cleaner.

Top 3 Hand held Vacuum Cleaners

Here is a look at the three if the most popular hand held vacuum cleaners.

1) Dyson DC16 Root 6 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

This is one of two Dysons in our best hand held vacuums review. This model is great for reaching places that are usually harder to get to, has great power but a shorter battery life than some. This means it is best for spot cleaning or say trailer cleaning, rather than expecting to be able to use it for an extended period of time. Its battery life is just about 5 minutes, but it recharges quicker than other handhelds too. It picks up well too making up for its battery life with its power. It used the root cyclone technology that Dyson have perfected and boasts it has twice the power of other handheld vacuums.

best hand held vacuums

Because its life is limited the power button is designed so that you need to hold it depressed to keep it on. This prevents you wasting battery life in between jobs. Some owners are not happy with this feature and some are so that seems to be a personal preference. It comes with a cup that is easy to empty with a single touch so need to get dirty. The filters for the canister are washable and will not need to be replaced and that is a nice feature. It weighs 3.3lbs so it is not too heavy but if you need something as light as possible there are other models that are lighter.

When you look at reviews of this Dyson vacuum most are positive about it apart from the battery life. It does come with some additional tools too, a combination accessory tool and a crevice tool and Dyson offer 2 year labor and parts warranty too. In terms of cost it is usually around $130 though you can find it for less in sales. At the price it is set at, it is a little more costly than most equivalent handheld vacuums but when you find it for less it is worth it.

2) Dyson DC31 Animal Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

This second Dyson option is a nice vacuum for doing smaller jobs like shag rugs, dusting furniture and getting to hard to reach spaces. Its weight is about the same as the last one, 3.37lbs and it too has powerful suction this one though was designed specifically for pet owners though you don’t have to have one to own it! It is cordless which means no need to find power outlets or move around a cord but that means the thing everyone is looking at is the battery and its lifespan. This one has double the length of battery life so has 10 minutes of cleaning time before it needs recharging. For some that is still not enough and some customers are still negative about the battery over all else.  This model also has the same power button designed to conserve energy so has to be held in. Again reviewers are mixed on this, some appreciate it and some do not like it. Some report though that if you use that switch correctly you can get more than 10 minutes life from the battery.

hand held vacs

Hand held vacs when cordless always have a tradeoff between power and battery life. Rather than affect the power of suction you get Dyson opt to shorten the battery life. In older models of handhelds suction was a big issue if it was battery powered but that is not the case anymore. Makers like Dyson try to get the balance right between performance and battery life. And for many they have it right. Many consumers say they would much rather 10 minutes of powerful suction than 15 or 20 minutes of not really sucking anything up, or having to carry 6lbs of vacuum around. Key to buying handhelds is to remember this is not meant to act as a main cleaner, it is a support cleaner.

Owners report it does well on stairs, upholstery and is very effective at cleaning up pet hair. It has a dual power digital motor so there is not the vacuum smell some models have. The capacity of the canister is 0.09 gallons and it is easy to empty. Its size is 8 inches in width, depth of 4.5inches and 12.7 inches in height. There are two attachable tools, a crevice tool and a brush.

Apart from the supposed short battery life the other main criticism that came up on this machine was the price. It retails between $219 to $269 which for a handheld is at the high end for sure. But for that money you get two power settings, regular gives you 10 minutes for normal jobs and high gives you stronger suction for 6 minutes. Most Dyson owners feel they get their money’s worth and you pay for a name that offers quality products. Another issue is that you do not get a spare battery with it and you cannot buy a spare one. It has a 31/2 hour charging time so that is a long time if you need it again for another spot clean. It comes with a 2 year warranty also.

3) Eureka EasyClean Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

eureka-easyclean-handvacThe Eureka handheld vacuum is not cordless for those who want that option. Therefore you do not have issues of battery life. It weighs 5 pounds so is the heaviest of the 3 here and has a 20 foot cord that wraps around when it is time to store it. It is very useful for longer jobs like stair cleaning and car cleaning. It is also great on couches, under beds and for cleaning rugs. It has 5.5 amp powered suction to reach dirt deep in the area you are cleaning that you might not even be able to see. It also has two motors, one gives power to the revolving brush and one gives power for suction.

This handheld cleaner comes with the Riser Visor which is an innovation from Eureka in the form of a plastic cover that cleans a horizontal surface and then can be flipped up so that the revolving brush can do vertical cleaning. A great feature on stairs which require horizontal and vertical cleaning. In order to get the most out of this handheld there are a few things consumers say you need to do. When you move the brush roll the power switch needs to be on suction. The dust cup filter needs to be in properly otherwise it can damage the vacuum, and it needs cleaning every so often. Avoid picking up sharp or hard objects with it as this can cause damage. Clear hose blocks straight away of they happen and occasionally clean the dust cup and motor filter.

Prices are around $60 for retail making it the cheapest option by far but you can actually get it for less if you check out offers on places like Amazon.

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