Dyson V6 Vacuum Cleaner Models

There are a number of Dyson V6 cordless vacuum cleaners on the market today, all with similarities and each with some more unique focus points and of course different prices. The range has two types of cleaners, the handhelds and the stick cleaners. Looking at the different Dyson V6 vacuum cleaner models here we can compare some of the examples and have a look at the differences between Dyson V6 models.

Dyson V6 comparison chart

Examples of the cordless stick vacuums that can be used as both a regular upright cleaner and as a handheld with quick and easy conversion include the V6 Animal, Fluffy and Absolute. Examples of the handhelds that do not convert into an upright, have less tools and accessories and no extension tube include the Car and Boat, Top Dog and Trigger. Do check out the top Dyson vacuum cleaners for other options on Dyson vacuum cleaners.

What is the same with all Dyson V6 Vacuum Cleaners?

There are three main things that are same with all these cleaners, the suction, the motor and the battery in them.
The Battery as long as it is not being used with a motorized tool can last for 20 minutes of cleaning time. Remember that is when your finger is on the ‘trigger’ and it is active, so your actual cleaning time could be longer if you make sure you are not letting it run when you are not actively using it. When you use a cleaning tool that is motorized it is less, so in larger houses this is something to consider if you need a longer clean time than that. In a regular sized home and certainly in an apartment V6 Dysons have enough time, but if you want to do a more thorough clean it could mean you have to recharge in between rooms.

V6 motorThe Motor is the same in all of the V6 cleaners which Dyson says is a digital motor that works at 110,000 rpm, making it a powerful spin compared to other cordless vacuums from other companies that might be cheaper but are less effective too.

The Suction comes from the same technology used in all of Dyson’s upright vacuum cleaners. It is the two tier system with radial cyclones, it separates particles and dirt from the air at a high speed in a cyclone movement and still has strong suction that is constant and consistent.

Looking at the differences between all Dyson V6s

Apart from the obvious that the smaller handhelds and sticks are cheaper than the full upright cleaners what else is there to notice?

Basic Dyson V6 Cordless model

It comes with a motorized head that is said to be suitable for all floor types but does not perform as well on hard floors as it does carpets. It also does not reach deep so for pet hair it is fine for the surface hair, but is not a good option if you have deep carpets and that hair has worked its way in. Using it at normal speed you get a 15 minute clean time with it if not doing any hard jobs, if you use the turbo power option this drops to just 5 minutes. If you are making it strain to pick up some tough spots the time will be about 10 minutes.

There is no replacing the battery but the cleaner is low priced so when it dies you can just get a new cleaner. For charging you can put it on the mounted wall charger but leaving it there overnight will damage the battery. There is no loss of suction even when the dust bin is full and if you are looking for a budget cleaner this is a good one.

Dyson V6 Motorhead

The brush bar in this vacuum cleaner is more powerful than the above basic model. It therefore is better at cleaning deeper carpeting, tougher pet hair and getting to places dirt has been hiding. On regular cleaning mode it will give you the same cleaning time though of about 15 minutes, and then 5 to 10 minutes when using the power or turbo mode. As you have to hold down the button to keep it cleaning you can ensure you clean more efficiently, and you can reach up to more awkward places like your curtains or the cobwebs. It does not have the best filtration system though (HEPA) so if you need the finest dander collected due to allergies this is not the cleaner for you. It is also not good if your pet sheds a lot, heavily and often, it can clog it.


Dyson V6 Absolute

Dyson V6 AbsoluteThis cleaner is probably the best all rounder out of this set, and comes with two tools that will make your cleaning a lot easier, a soft roller brush for cleaning your hard floors and a direct drive cleaner head with bristles. As both have their own motors they cause great agitation and do a great cleaning job. It is effective then on hard floors and carpets of all different thicknesses. You also get the usual additional tools like a combination tool, crevice tool and soft dusting brush to get all those jobs done.

Dyson V6 Animal

Dyson V6 AnimalThe Dyson V6 Animal also the DC59 is the same as the Motorhead in most ways. It has the same direct drive brush with bristles but it also comes with some extra attachments. These are the soft dusting brush and the mini-motorized head. These mean you can more easily and effectively pick up the pet hair around the home, what this cleaner is designed to do. This is the best V6 model at pet hair cleaning but that motorhead means the battery has a shorter life.

Again the times for your cleaning are 15 to 20 minutes on normal mode and 5 to 10 minutes on Turbo. As with the other models too battery charging takes a good 3 hours and you cannot swap a drained battery out for a fully charged one in. Take note that if your pet has especially fine hair it is probable you will need clean out the filter more often to keep the suction at top strength. But if it does get wrapped around the roller that is easy to clean.

Dyson V6 Fluffy

dyson V6 FluffyThe Dyson V6 Fluffy is a vacuum cleaner designed specifically to clean homes with hard floors throughout it. It has a soft roller so that there is no damage done to the floors and it has good suction. It some tools that are easy to snap off when you need to use them, then clip back on when you are done. It also has rods of different lengths. Its name refers to the manufacturers intention for it to be the hard floor version of the Dyson V6 Animal. It should be good with pet hair. However some consumers have reported that when those fur balls are especially large, or if it collects a lot of pet hair in the same cleaning session, it can get clogged.

The way the gravity is centered close to the tip means it is easy to use on curtains or shelving, not just your floors. It is super light too so is easy to lift. Just watch the filter, sometimes when you lift it up like that the filter can come off. While it is easy to handle otherwise your edges will not get a good clean like you get with the corded cleaners. As with other V6 models it can be turned into a handheld for the stairs, car cleaning or better access to your furniture. Remember not to store your cleaner overnight in its charging dock, this will shorten its life or even kill it.