Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Not so long ago robot vacuums were few in numbers and brands, and priced way out of a lot of people’s price range. Today this is less the case as more brands make their own version. The Deik Robot vacuum cleaner is one of the recent arrivals in the robot vacuum market. Deik are know for making various household items, from appliances to coffeemakers and other kitchen tools. Here in this review we will take a closer look at this cleaner, what it can do and whether its more affordable price comes at a cost of features and design.

3 in 1 Cleaner

The Deik sell itself as a 3 in 1 cleaner, as well as being a vacuum cleaner it can also sweep and mop with both wet or dry. It has side brushes on two sides to help clear the edges of the room and then a rolling main brush that helps agitate and loosen up dirt which then gets sucked up. When you want to use it for wet mopping there is a water tank which will let water onto floors for mopping with.

Cleaning Modes

The Deik robot vacuum cleaner has five cleaning modes you can switch between.

  1. There is the default automatic mode that it starts in good for regular vacuuming needs.
  2. Then there is the mode for spot cleaning, so if you have a smaller area that needs more focus, or there was a spill you can use it for to do a spot clean.
  3. Next is the wall follow mode where you can set the robot to follow the walls and focus a good clean on the wall edging and the base boards.
  4. The turbo boost mode is another option for an extra burst of power cleaning.
  5. Lastly there is a mode for an s shaped route, if there are things it needs to move around which has created an S shaped cleaning path this is a good mode to choose.

When it is cleaning whatever mode it is on it has sensors to stop it crashing into things like furniture, walls and such. These also stop it from falling down drops and stairs. You can program it so that it comes out and cleans each day or at set times without you having to manually get it going. It will send itself back to its charging dock when its battery is too low to re-charge.

What stands out about the Deik robot vacuum cleaner

Deik vacuum cleaner accessories

There are a lot of positives about this robot cleaner. Here is a look at what especially stands out:

  • Large dust bin – the dust bin is large especially compared to some other brands of robotic vacuum cleaners. It has a capacity of 0.65 liters so owners do not need to empty the bin so frequently.
  • It has good stability as it has an off road wider wheel that is a good inch in width so when it moves from carpeting to hard floors there is no wobble.
  • It has great suction power at 1200 Pa, this means it is able to suck everything from small particles and dust to larger and heavier debris and dirt. It stays in the cleaner rather than just blowing around in the air just to settle somewhere again.
  • The Deik robot vacuum cleaner uses a sensor based navigation system like some other brands like Shark, Roomba and some version of iLife. But it also does have a gyroscope so it can work out its location and where it needs to clean next.
  • Longer warranty than many other brands offer where most offer a 1 year warranty the Deik will get you a 15 month one.


There is a lot of good things about the Deik robot vacuum cleaner. You get powerful suction, the ability to mop your hard floors, sweep when needed and it cleans effectively. A lot of people buying Roombas have wished that iRobot would add a mopping feature to their cleaners but so far the manufacturer has kept the two needs in separate machines.

Deik 3-in-1

This means the Deik cleaner is great for carpeting and hard and tiled flooring at an affordable price, and saves you having to have a separate mop or machine. Having the additional cleaning modes is a bonus most other robot cleaners would charge a bigger price for. If you want a robot vacuum cleaner but need it to be affordable and you have a lot of hard floor surfaces that need cleaning too, this is a good option to consider.