The days are gone when you have to battle your vacuum cleaner to empty the bag, have it break on you and cause a mess, make the whole cleaning process longer and far more frustrating than it really should have been. The best vacuum cleaners in the market will not have this problem. Nowadays you can opt for a bagless upright cleaner. No more going to change the bag and realizing you are out of them, no more mess and no loss in suction power because of blockages. Now you can see when the vacuum is full, you do not have to guess. Now you can empty it with no mess. Now you do not have to spend additional money on bags. But what bagless upright cleaner is the right one for you?

Best Of The Class Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner – The Dirt Devil Dynamite

Dirt-Devil-DynamiteIf you are working with less funds and want an upright that is lighter than most a great option is the Dirt Devil Dynamite. It weighs under nine pounds and is small and lightweight making it suitable for any buyer. However being smaller does not mean you have to worry about a lack of power. This upright has technology called Dynapower which uses a strong motor to ensure you get cleaning power that is as good as any full sized upright. A quick highlight of some of its features include:

  • Automatic height adjustment as you move from one carpet to another or from carpet to hard flooring
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Bagless and the dust container is simple and quick to empty
  • HEPA filter
  • Power cord that is 25 feet in length
  • A revolving brush combines with the powerful motor
  • Has on-board tools such as a crevice tool, dusting brush and extension wand
  • Effective on bare and carpeted flooring

Using the Dirt Devil Dynamite Bagless Upright

If you buy this cleaner it does not arrive already assembled but putting it together is a very easy process. It is just a matter of putting the handle into the hole of the machine. To begin cleaning unwind the power cable too. As mentioned the upright is lighter than most other cleaners so if vacuuming is becoming a chore that is physically hard work, this will definitely help. It is also a lot easier to store than other larger and heavier machines. Learn more about the top vacuum cleaner.

The suction is very good and you can clean up the usual debris and dust as well as pet hairs if you are a pet owner. You can use it on any type of carpeted flooring as well as hard floors. You will notice this machine is not one of the quietest you can buy but given the powerful suction it has that is easily forgiven. The length of the power cord means you can clean most rooms without having to swap outlets mid clean but the position of the cord can cause a slight issue with vacuuming. It is set near the cleaner’s wheels so it can sometimes get in the way.


If you are not aware, having a HEPA filter is a very desirable feature on a vacuum cleaner as it means nearly all allergens are trapped away. So people with breathing problems or allergies would particularly benefit. The tools that come with the vacuum allow you to clean in places other than just the floors, like couches, furnishings and stairs. However it does not stretch as high as you might want for cobwebs and such so you may need to actually lift the whole machine.

Summary of issues


  • Loud
  • Position of power cord can get in the way when vacuuming
  • Does not stretch as high as you might need with just tools
  • A lot of air gets blown from the vent at the front and can blow over objects
  • When the filter needs cleaning this requires some shaking and you may get dirty


When you look at both its pros and cons you will probably come to the same conclusion we did. The Dirt Devil Dynamite Bagless Upright is a good vacuum cleaner and you get great value for money. It is suited to people who need something lighter and easy to move and for smaller houses or people living in apartments. You may not get a lot of features and extras but if you do not need them that is not a problem.

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